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Terms Of Use

Here you will find all the details on how you can use our products and give proper credit. Please be sure to review our Terms of Use before making a purchase. Thank you.

General Terms

The products at Digital Craft Supplies can be used for both personal and commercial use; some restrictions may apply. Please be sure to read through all of our Terms of Use before purchasing any of our products. You do not need to purchase an extra license to sell "new creations" that you've made, with DCS' artwork incorporated. ALL terms below still apply.

Product Info

All the products sold at Digital Craft Supplies are digital downloads; nothing will be physically shipped to you. Different products may have different file formats, so please check each product description to see what file format(s) each product comes in. Please be sure that your software program and/or cutting file machine accepts the file formats that we sell in our shop, before making any purchases. All our products are available for immediate download after you payment is processed. Please be sure to wait until your payment goes through, after checking out and then you will automatically be redirected back to DCS (this may take up to 10 seconds), where you can instantly download your files. Your files will also be emailed to you, for your convenience. All of your files will arrive in a ZIP file folder. You will need to extract (unzip) the ZIP file folder with whatever program came with your computer, in order to access the files inside. 



You may use DCS graphics to create greeting cards, gift tags, labels, candy wrappers, scrapbook pages, customized web sets, etc, and sell (not give away for free online) the creations you’ve made, on your own website, eBay, Etsy, online craft show, multi-vendor, craftsUprint, Instant Card Making Downloads, Greeting Card Universe, Café Press,** and Zazzle,** websites. You must create something new with the graphics, they cannot be sold "as is." The graphics must be merged/flattened onto something else, and be included with other elements (backgrounds, borders, word art, etc).

** You may not sell any of your creations, with "Digi My World" artwork incorporated in them, on any type of "print on demand" website, such as Zazzle, Café Press, etc. This ONLY pertains to Digi My World graphics. **

You may use DCS graphics to create scrapbook kits and elements, as long as you create something new with the graphics, and not just add them to your scrap kit "as is." Graphics must be merged/flattened onto something else (such as a frame, acrylic, tag, sticker, background, paper, etc.), before you can sell them in your scrap kits. Your kits should not contain more than 50% of the collection purchased (e.g., if a collection you purchase has 10 images, please only use 5 of those images per kit).

This section is for "Cutting File Creators" only (those who convert graphics into actual cutting file formats). NONE of the artwork sold at DCS can be used to create cutting file formats for sale, or for commercial use. However, Cheryl Killian, Country Life Graphics, Primsy Resale, Marjorie Ann Designs, Alice Smith, Shop To Create, and Resale Doodles allow their artwork to be used for creating cutting file formats for "personal use" ONLY! Digi My World does not allow their artwork to be used for creating cutting file formats for personal use.

You may create digitized embroidery patterns with the artwork sold at DCS, with the exception of "Digi My World" artwork. You will need to digitize the artwork first, before selling it. Please note that none of the clip art images on this site come in embroidery format, and they are not finished embroidery designs.

All clip art images are high quality 300 PPI and come in both, transparent PNG and non-transparent JPG formats. Most are very large graphics that work well for printed projects, but can also be reduced in size for web use.

All other terms listed below, under "Please Do" & "Please Don't," also apply.


Used For Creating 
"New Items" That CAN Be Shared ONLY

Yes, that's correct...you can share "new creations" that you make yourself, with the products listed in the "Shareables" category ONLY! No other artwork sold at DCS can be used in shareable creations. There are separate terms for "Shareables," which are COMPLETELY different than the terms listed on this page.

Click HERE to be brought to the "Shareables" TOU page.


Used For Creating Teacher / Educational Printables ONLY

Many of the DCS artists have different terms, regarding how you can use their artwork to create teacher printables. Therefore, we created a separate TOU page just for teachers / educators. These terms ONLY apply to teacher printables!

Click HERE to be brought to the Teacher / Educational Printables TOU page.


DIGITAL STAMPS (Line Art / Patterns / Outlines) COLLECTIONS

You may use DCS digital stamps, in the same manner (and with the same terms) as "Graphics / Clip Art Collections" listed above. Digital stamps may be added to your projects as black and white images, or you may color them in to coordinate with the color scheme of your project. However, you may NOT color in the digital stamps and resell them as clip art.

All other terms listed below, under "Please Do" & "Please Don't," also apply.



You may use DCS scrap kits, scrap elements, and scrap papers for S4H/S4O, and for limited CU (for printed products & digital printables), as long as you create something new, on a merged / flattened background (such as greeting cards, tags, web sets, auction templates, etc.).

You may create your own scrapbook layouts, quick pages, etc. for personal or commercial use (printed products). However, you may NOT sell these digitally!

You may not use DCS scrap kits, scrap elements, or scrap papers, to make your own "scrap kits," or scrap related images, and sell those as a digital download.

All scrap kits, scrap elements, and scrap papers are in high quality 300 ppi. These are very large images that work well for printed projects, but can also be reduced in size for web use. Scrap kits and scrap elements come in transparent PNG format only, unless otherwise noted. Scrap papers come in non-transparent JPG format only, unless otherwise noted.

All other terms listed below, under “Please Do” & Please Don’t, also apply.



DCS printables can be used for personal or commercial use, as hand crafted, finished products (products that you print, cut out, glue, assemble, and sell as a completed, tangible item). Please Note: Some "Prints of Joy" printable collections may include E-Books. E-Books come in PDF format, and may not be sold, or given away, "as is." E-Books may only be used to create hand crafted, finished products as described above.

All printable images are high quality 300 ppi, and come in non-transparent JPG format only, unless otherwise noted. These are very large images that work great for printed projects.

All other terms listed below, under "Please Do" & "Please Don't," also apply.



DCS cutting files / paper piecing patterns can be used for personal or commercial use, in hand crafted, finished products (products that you print, cut out, glue, assemble, and sell as a completed, tangible item), as well as "newly created" digital products (the "assembled" paper piecing pattern must be added to a gift tag, greeting card, scrapbook page, etc. in order for you to sell it online).

All cutting files / paper piecing patterns listed in the “Shareables” section are subject to the “Shareables” terms of use HERE.

All other terms listed below, under "Please Do" & "Please Don't," also apply.



When displaying your finished products online, with DCS artwork incorporated, please make sure that they are displayed in a locked format, so the original images cannot be removed from your designs. Also, please be sure to place a watermark, or the word “sample,” across the images.

Please give credit to the original artist on every page that you display, or sell, your finished creations using their artwork, and include an active, clickable link to their website, if available. For example: “________ (name of your product) was created using artwork by ________ (original artist’s name/website in an active, clickable link to their website, if available).”

Please also give credit to “Digital Craft Supplies” on any one page where you will be displaying or selling your finished creations, and include an active, clickable link to the DCS website. We have several links for you to choose from on the Link To DCS page. We’ve conveniently provided the HTML code for all of our links, so you can simply copy and paste the code into your website’s HTML area, and the link will be all set up for you.



You may not sell, or give away, DCS artwork “as is.” All artwork must be incorporated into something new that you've created, such as greeting cards, candy wrappers, scrapbook pages, digitized patterns, web sets, etc.

You may NOT give away for free, anything you create on multi-vendor websites, online craft malls, online groups, forums, etc. However, you may give away an occasional sample on your own website or blog.

DCS artwork may not be purchased, or sold, for use in any type of mass production, publication, software program, or the like.

You may not offer DCS artwork in any type of “resellers” program, graphics club, or membership program.

You may not crop, chop, re-color, or alter the original artwork in any way.

You may not compile the original artwork on a disk, or other format, and resell, repost, relist, or offer them as part of any collection.

DCS artwork may not be purchased by web designers to build sites with.

You may not tube or make brushes from any artwork found on this site.



- Purchasing the artwork on this site, gives you the “license to use” the artwork in your own creations. You do not own the copyrights to any of the artwork, and you may not claim it as your own. The original artists retain the copyrights to all of their artwork.

- If you do not see your intended use listed, please do not assume that it’s ok to use DCS artwork for such. Please contact us first if you are unsure, or you can go to our Creative Ideas page to see a list of examples of how you can use DCS products.

- Please back up all your files. This is very important!

- Due to the nature of digital downloads, we do not offer refunds. However, if you have an issue with your order or downloads, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help out.

If you have any questions about DCS' Terms of Use, please contact us.

These terms are subject to change, so please be sure to check our Terms of Use before making future purchases. Thank you.

~ The DCS Team ~